West Sussex County Council

West Sussex County Council

With savings of 25% in six and half months, amounting to as much as £15,000, West Sussex County Council is reaping the benefits of NeOSS energy management technology.

As part of a project undertaken by Hampshire-based process control engineers Javelin Controls & Distribution, NeOSS devices were installed to manage boiler and pump operations at County Hall, Chichester. County Hall was built in 1936 and is a high profile site in the heart of the city – the main administrative site for the local authority.

Over the past three years, West Sussex County Council has tasked its carbon management team with cutting CO2 emissions by 10 per cent a year. The integration of advanced NeOSS technology for boiler and insulation control has played a key role in bringing down energy use, allowing the council to exceed annual energy saving targets.

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