RH & T Space Sensor

RH & T Space Sensor

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Space temperature sensors are used for measuring the air temperature in a room environment. The combined RH&T sensors deliver the latest technology for accurate measuring of relative humidity and temperature. The sensors are available with 0-10V outputs for temperature and RH.

Completely revised for the new 1000 series space housing, and using the latest high accuracy RH & T element, the new RH-1000 offers new options such as setpoint adjustment, momentary switch and fan speed selection, together with a multi-line backlit LCD display. A 0-10Vdc override status input option is also available, allowing occupancy indication on the display. 0-10Vdc or 4-20mA (loop or externally powered) outputs for temperature and RH are available as standard, with optional 0-5Vdc. A custom output range for temperature can be requested, between 0°C and +50°C. A directly connected passive thermistor temperature output is also available, as an alternative to the standard active temperature output.

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