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OSS-NG™ is the next evolution of the well known OSS 2000™ HMI.  The software environment has been designed based on an open system architecture to enables the user to create a visual interface to any supported control or monitoring system for which a driver has been implemented.  The application is suitable for a wide range of applications ranging from energy management systems to process control environments. While the software application provides an array of powerful and advanced features, it has been designed with the user in mind and is therefore easy to configure and maintain.

The software is multi protocol compatible and comes with a number of drivers for seamless integration with third party systems and protocols, including LonWorks, BACnet, Modbus, OPC, Trend…and more.  If a driver is not listed, we would be pleased to discuss the process of adding new drivers to our library.  A software development tool is available to qualifying companies and third part developers who wish to develop their own driver.  Please contact us for more information.

The core functionality of the software is to deliver a set of tools to enable a user to create graphic representations of a system for data logging and system monitoring.  The software environment provides a powerful alarm handing facility, alarm retransmission via fax, GSM phone, modem, internet or a pager.  The collated data and system parameters can be accessed remotely via internet.  A unique voice system facility is provided with OSS-NG that enables a user to read and adjust system values via a phone.

The OSS-NG software includes a powerful and feature rich graphic editing environment to enable the user to create modern dynamic HVAC plant graphics, process control, virtual instrumentation and floor plans.  The software application is supplied with an extensive catalogue of approximately 3000 graphic symbols, including ASHRAE symbology, HVAC symbols, ducting, switches…and more.

The software application provides a comprehensive range of data exporting facility.  Data that has been collated can be exported in a number of formats, including CSV, Startk DF2, Dynamat and XML.

For more advanced user, the OSS-NG platform supports VB (Visual Basic) scripting language, and being a subset of the popular Visual Basic programming language, it provides a powerful set of tools to enable the user the create bespoke, project-specific functions.

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