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  • 8 Universal Inputs
  • 4 Analog Outputs
  • 2 Digital/Pulse Inputs
  • 2 Digital Relay Outputs
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  • 8 Universal Inputs
  • 8 Digital/Pulse Inputs
  • I/O Extender Port

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The NeOSS building management controller provides the latest advancement in building controls technology and delivers a complete solution to today’s building control applications.

The controller is freely programmable and is supplied as standard with 8 universal inputs, 4 analogue outputs, 2 digital inputs and 2 digital relay outputs, an Ethernet port, RS485 port and an RS232 port.  Additional I/Os are provided by using a NeOSS I/O extender module which are available is various options.

The controller incorporates a full featured embedded web server capable of delivering dynamic plant graphics, data logging, alarm management facility, occupancy time profiles and event scheduling.  The controller is designed based on a multi protocol architecture that combines various technologies including Ethernet, BACnet, Modbus, Trend, MQTT, SNMP, iLight and TCP/IP to deliver full system integration.

NeOSS controllers are provided with built-in integration options and various connectivity ports as standard to deliver a fully integrated and cost-effective solution and therefore do not require additional hardware.

  • Freely programmable
  • Integrated web server with dynamic graphics
  • Comprehensive library of  HVAC function blocks and logic modules
  • Extensive range of integration options including Ethernet, BACnet, Modbus, Trend, MQTT, SNMP, iLight and TCP/IP to deliver full system integration.
  • Broadsword Schematic editor and drawing tool
  • Intuitive programming and engineering environment
  • Suitable for small and large applications
  • Email alarm facility
  • Data logging
  • Compact design ideal for new and retrofit applications
  • Can utilise existing sensors and field wiring on retrofit applications
  • Wireless sensor connectivity options

The internal building controls strategies are created using the free Broadsword programming and engineering tool.  The intuitive visual programming environment provides an extensive library of HVAC control modules, logic functions and integration building blocks to enable engineers to create detailed building control strategies.  The software incorporates a built-in schematic editor and drawing tool facility to enable engineers to create dynamic plant schematics, virtual instrumentation and floor plans.  The internal control strategy, plant schematics, recorded data logs and system alarm history are safely kept on a high capacity non volatile internal storage.  System projects can be uploaded locally or remotely via internet.

The process of system integration has been simplified using our intuitive Broadsword programming and engineering environment to enable specialist installers to design and deliver bespoke solutions cost effectively without having to employ an external integration specialist. On existing third party installations, the controller can be used as a gateway to provide data exchange to and from the existing control system.

The NeOSS controller can be configured to cater for an extensive range of temperature sensors including existing sensors on retrofit applications.  In addition to traditional wired sensors, a wireless connectivity option is provided to enable the controller to utilise our new range of wireless sensor. This will enable a controller to handle multiple wireless sensors without a requirement for additional physical inputs.  The Broadsword programming and engineering software includes a library of standard function blocks for Sontay range of wireless sensors for ease of system engineering.

The NeOSS controller can easily be upgraded locally on site or remotely via internet as and when a revised firmware or new features are released.  This level of design and flexibility represents a sound investment for the future.

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