Laurie Sigournay – Managing Director

Laurie Sigournay – Managing Director

Laurie was appointed Managing Director in September 1998, and has successfully guided the business from production Kitting as a service, through to becoming a highly recognised UK based EMS company with a reputation for service.

During this period of expansion, Laurie has remained in touch with our customers and continues to direct the business and its growth by listening to customer needs and requirements, and continues to invest to further advance capability and capacity ensuring the business continues to exceed customer expectations.

Bringing many years of experience in Project Management, Laurie continues to consult with many customers enabling them to fulfil their product aspirations and realisation assisting throughout the product development process, connecting them to a full range of technical and sourcing resources necessary to develop a robust solution.

Laurie’s dynamic and hands on approach has been recognised by many customers who have also enjoyed the benefits that Esprit and its team brings. Laurie also promotes that working collaboratively with your customer enhances that relationship which openly plays to each other’s strengths allowing the customer to focus on its own core competencies.

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Group Overview

AEI Group is a leading UK provider of Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS), bespoke Filtered Connectors and world beating OEM solutions to the Building Controls, Automation and HVAC market. Our extensive range of Manufacturing services and OEM solutions are delivered through our group of companies: Esprit Electronics, Icon Electronics, PCB Partners, AEF Solutions & Open System Solutions (OSS).