AEF provide Filter Connectors in 48 hours.

AEF provide Filter Connectors in 48 hours.

In order to support one of our customers with EMC qualification, AEF Solutions have designed and manufactured a 13 way Receptacle connector with 50nF Pi filtering on all lines. The part has Solder Cup termination to allow for connection of the existing internal box wiring.

This was achieved within 48 hours and allows our customer to meet his time bound qualification programme.

As is often the case, when EMI/RFI problems occur, the easiest fix is by filtering the existing interface as it solves the problem at the boundary of the UUT thus avoiding secondary internal radiation or conduction (or both).

However, obtaining a Filter connector specific to the problem at hand at short notice often proves problematical.

At AEF Solutions, we pride ourselves in being able to achieve such demands.

If you have similar issues and needs, why not let us know?

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